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JV Giveaways Are The Number 1 Way To Build A Massive Targeted List For Free

We keep a continuously updated list of all current and upcoming JV giveaways.  Be sure to add this site to your Favorites (Bookmarks) so you can get in on each new JV giveaway as it’s announced.

What Are JV Giveaways?

Watch the following video for an overview on what JV Giveaways are.


All giveaways will have a host.  This can be an individual, or multiple hosts might team up together.  The hosts are the admins of the event, take care of all support, etc.

During the pre-launch phase, these hosts will invite an initial group of Contributors to the event.  If you are building a list, you want to sign up as a Contributor when you join any giveaway event.

Contributors add what are called “gifts” to the event.  These can be any downloadable product (ebooks, videos, software, etc.) that you have the rights to give away for free.

By the way, these Contributors are also inviting other Contributors.  During the pre-launch phase, a giveaway can have hundreds of Contributors, and hundreds of gifts.

When adding you gift, you enter the link to your squeeze page.  This way, when someone wants to download your gift, they must first opt in to your list.

When it’s time for the event to launch to the public, the host and Contributors begin inviting Members.  These are people who join to get the free gifts.

These Members also invite other members to the event, which means that your gift will get even more eyeballs.  And that means more subscribers.


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